Another great quote

Another great quote from Denney’s book. This time extolling the centrality of Christ.

Christ not only was something in the world, he did something. He did something that made an infinite difference, and that puts us under an infinite obligation. He bore our sins. That secures His place in the gospel and in the adoration of the church. That is the impulse and the justification of all Christologies.


4 thoughts on “Another great quote”

  1. I would want seriously to question “puts us under an infinite obligation” – seems like duty language, whereas Christ did something that makes us his brothers and sisters and brings us into participation in the trinity. Like if your spouse buys you a present, does that put you under an obligation to them?


    1. Hi Jonathan,
      Context is everything I guess. The obligation is to preach a gospel that is all about Jesus and the cross. The book is a response to liberalism and its desire to move away from the atonement of Jesus.


      1. Ok, context helps.

        But didn’t Paul write: “for Christ’s love compels us” – worth exploring language of compulsion over obligation?


      2. I’m not sure that obligation in the way it is meant is necessarily wrong here. If preaching a different gospel means we should be eternally condemned (Galatians 1) then it is right that the content of the gospel we preach is Jesus and him crucified and wrong if it is anything else. This is how I understand the use of the word here and in that sense I would hold it correct.

        However, I agree that out if context and in our day the word could be misunderstood. It wasn’t that part that struck me about the quote – the main bit was the centrality of Jesus in the church and the gospel because of the cross. The author is compelled to put Jesus at the centre of everything because of what he has done.


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